Reliable Garage Door Opener Repair in Reno

When faced with a non-working garage door, you don’t have to stress yourself out, trying to fix the problem yourself. Oftentimes, the most practical solution would be, to hire a garage door opener technician instead. Professionals like ourselvesĀ have the experience needed to repair the garage door openers in an efficient matter.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems and Their Symptoms

Garage Door Opener Repair in Reno

Are you struggling with your garage door, because it wouldn’t open at all? There are plenty of DIY fixes to solve that problem.

  • The garage door reverses every time the remote is used

If something is blocking the infrared beam between the safety sensors on either side of the garage door, then it’ll automatically reverse as a precautionary measure. Likewise, direct sunlight hitting the sensor can also be the reason why it’s not shutting properly.

If nothing seems to block the beam, then see if the sensors are properly aligned.

  • Garage door not closing properly

If the garage door is not closing all the way, or it’s closing, but opens up again; then this could be a security problem. You should make it a point that your garage door will close and stay closed when you chose to.

In order to ensure that, try to check if there are any items blocking the sensors at the bottom of the door.

  • Garage door not responding to the opener

There are instances where the garage door won’t open even after pushing a button on the remote. Whenever this happens, it could be the result of a power source problem. Check if the motor is fully plugged, as well as the circuit breaker. These are just some of the most common causes of power interruption. However, if the door is battery operated, try replacing the battery and see if it fixes the issue.

  • Motor runs non-stop

If the motor keeps on running even after opening the garage door, then there’s a possibility that the limit switch must be adjusted. For safety purposes, consult a trained technician and ask him to make the needed adjustments for the garage door.

The Services We Offer

If the quick fixes mentioned above didn’t solve your garage door opener issue, then you should probably consider some of the services we offer:

  • Customized Garage Door Installation

You can make your door personalized by choosing a design, as well as the perfect accessories for it. We have an online design tool that will allow you to choose from hundreds of designs available.

  • Garage Door Opener Installation

We offer fast, reliable, and very affordable garage door installation services. Additionally, we only use the best products available in the market to give you the assurance that you’ll get what you paid for.

  • Garage Door Opener Repairs

Our licensed technicians have years of experience when it comes to garage door opener as well as spring repairs. We’ll diagnose the problem and use the necessary tools and materials to bring your door back on track.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to replacement, repairing, and installation of garage doors and openers in Reno, NV, we offer an unmatchable service carried out by a team of dedicated professionals who fully know what they’re doing. They’ll make sure that the installation runs smoothly from start to finish, and solve any problems or issues right away.