Garage Door Spring Repair in Reno, Nevada

There are different styles of garage doors and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Likewise, the garage door springs found in every garage door is very important, because aside from giving the door a beautiful appearance, it also protects the vehicles, keeping them safe at all times.

Types of Garage Door Springs

  • Standard Torsion Springs

Standard torsion springs are commonly found in residential garage doors. It’s a type of garage door spring that’s supported by an axis leading through the center of the sources attached.

  • Packed Curtain Door Springs

The characteristics of this is quite similar to rolling steel doors. Basically, the door leaf will have visible springs once the door is opened. It’s attached on each side of the stem turn.

  • Side Mounted Springs

They are described as heavy garage door springs mounted on each side of the upper track. Pulley is used to control this type of spring.

  • Tension Springs

These are one of the most common type of garage door springs. It works on a package system– pulley to pulleys, and the other end of the garage door spring hangs on one of the Piton located on the line.

Why do the garage door springs break?

Garage Door Spring Replacement Reno

When you think about how a garage door stays balanced, the first thing that will come to mind are the garage door springs supporting the main door. Here are some of the most common reasons why a garage door spring breaks.

Even though most garage door manufacturers ensure that the torsion spring would last for a couple of years and withstand a number of tears and wear, there are a lot of reasons why the spring will start to break or malfunction eventually. A typical torsion spring has 10,000-15,000 cycles and a full cycle includes the opening and closing of a garage door.

Factors that can cause springs breaking

  • Poor maintenance of the garage door, as well as the garage door springs.
  • Grease accumulation. This will result to wheels skating in their tracks instead of turning.
  • Lack of proper lubrication on hinges, bearings, and spring wire.
  • Loose tracks.

If it seems like the garage door is difficult to close and open, then there’s a high possibility that the torsion spring is not working properly anymore. Over time, torsion springs become undone from their bearings and they become tangled.

Whenever this happens, it’s important to call a professional garage door repair company who has the certification for fixing this problem. If you’re living in Reno, Nevada, you should give our service a try and rest assured that we’ll fix the problem as soon as possible!

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If you’re dealing with a damaged or broken garage door spring, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re a team of professional garage door repair specialists that are knowledgeable about various types of garage door springs. This allows us to quickly diagnose and fix the problem, no matter how serious it is. Lastly, we’re also very reliable and our aim to ensure the satisfaction of our clients before we leave the place.