Garage Door Service in Reno, NV

Garage door problems often happen when you least expect it. Whenever you’re facing such issue, know that there’s one garage door company in Reno, Nevada, that you can rely on us. We are always available and you don’t have to wait for several hours just to have your problems solved. Here are some of the services we offer:

Garage Door Services in RenoGarage Door Opener: Replacement and Repair

If your garage door opener stopped functioning properly, our professional specialists will diagnose the problem and see if there’s a need to replace it, or all we have to do is fix it up. Whatever it is, we’ll promptly get the door opener repair done and making it work smoothly once again.

Panel Replacement

Damaged panels could contribute to bigger problems. That’s why, it’s important to have it fixed before the issues get worse. For one, if you’ll keep on using a door that has faulty sections, then it will become misaligned and additional damage may occur.

To fix this up, we will determine the best course of action – this could be replacing the panels with something that accurately matches the garage door.

Broken Garage Door Cable Repair

If you have a faulty garage door cable, our trained professionals will take care of this service. It’s never advisable to fix the problem yourself, because the garage door cable is one of the most dangerous parts, and only those who have proper training and tools should consider working on it.

Broken Spring Replacement

We replace damaged torsion springs as well as extension springs on both residential and commercial properties.

Emergency Repairs for Residential Garage Doors

For homeowners, it’s highly important that their garage doors are operating properly and in good condition – this will give them the assurance that not only is their family safe, it also provides the security they need. Our company understands the importance of a garage door and its role in your daily tasks. Did your garage door spring break in the wee hours of the morning? Give us a call and we’ll address this broken spring with our quick and efficient service. That, when you’re about to leave for work, you’ll have the assurance that the garage door is working again.

Emergency Repairs for Commercial Garage Doors

For business owners, a garage door is also important for the product and employee access. So, don’t let a broken garage door stop you from being successful, call our 24/7 emergency hotline and we’ll solve these problems in no time.

Why Choose Us

We’re a team of highly-skilled repair technicians that have been in the business for several years. Our knowledge, together with our skills can give you the assurance that we have the ability of performing repair services, installations, and replacement on all makes and models of garage doors. Aside from that, we also offer only the highest quality products for both commercial and residential use. When a repair isn’t enough, we’re going to replace it with something better!

Our professional team of garage door specialists has the experience working with all styles, models, and makes of garage doors. And not just that, we also work with the best manufacturing companies in the industry only, for example GenieLiftmaster, and Amarr. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sectional door or a canopy, we’ll assess the problem for you and solve the garage door issues in no time.